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July 24, 2013
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DC Splendor: Aquaman by SplendorEnt DC Splendor: Aquaman by SplendorEnt
Another Justice League redesign (pt 3 of my Splendorized Justice League).

Can't say I'm a fan of Aquaman. Can't say that I hate Aquaman either (pity is a more accurate word). He isn't the coolest, or the most powerful of the Justice Leaguers, but he does add an element of... uniqueness. He's not the most important member of the superhero squad, but he is still finds a way to be useful wherever he is (he does have an aquatic advantage, but let's be real, that doesn't occur fairly often) and I can respect that.

That being said, he can stand to have his appearance updated. And that being said, there wasn't a whole lot that I needed to change (if I changed anything). This is an amalgamation of all the good things I like about the character to redefine the character, without changing his actual character (if that makes any sense).

I like the water hand idea. I also like the idea of said hand being able to change shape and even stage of matter (solid, liquid, and gas), if that's not canon in the DCverse, then it's canon in the Splendorverse. Aquaman here is in the early stage of his reign of the King of Atlantis (he's past his clean shaven youth stage, but he's not at the full-fledged superhero of the seven seas stage yet either... he's at a goatee stage).

He'd be the most member of the group (which may or may not help his friendship with a certain Amazonian), he distrusts surface dwellers (which may or may not help his friendship with said Amazonian) He has an ego... commanding the largest empire on the planet tends to do that (which may or may not hurt his friendship with a particular Amazonian).

- SiMan Xander #StrikingSplendor #Ignite#Greatness
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Pre52 he was able to give people seizures/paralyze them using his telepathic powers. Flashpoint he was on par with Wonder Woman on land. New 52 shown to be able to hurt Superman on land, Trident able to pierce Darkseids skin. Simply put he does not need water to be useful. Great Picture, and I like his water hand its able to heal and dehydrate.
PLHunterBlaze Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Definitely one of the best designs of him that  I've seen :O great job bro! =D 
SplendorEnt Aug 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks man, I appreciate that!
Aquaman is an... interesting character.  He's not a fantastic superhero, but then the best iterations of him don't really focus on him as a superhero.  He is, first and foremost, a fantasy hero.  His job isn't to go to a city and stop crime, it's to fight titanic monsters from the deep that try to destroy the world.  What's also important to remember is that he is, technically, the ruler of the largest and most powerful nation on Earth: the entire frickin' ocean.  So again, he's not so much a "superhero" as he is a "hero" (yes, there are important distinctions).

That said, your version is very cool.  Fits the idea of a young king, and the water-hand always seemed epic to me.
SplendorEnt Jul 24, 2013  Student General Artist
(updated description if you care)
He is very interesting. I totally agree with you he's more of an epic hero than a superhero (great description, couldn't have said it better).

Thanks, glad you like it.
Aquaman's a character I definitely don't dislike, but I can't say I love him either. I've just never gotten attached to him. I do respect the hell out of him though. He's king of 90% of the planet, can control all sea life (which includes everything from plankton in the water to what is, essentially, the dark lord Cthulhu himself), and has the most powerful Navy at his disposal and enough strength to live at the lowest levels of the sea. Its a good thing he's fictional, because if people made the same jokes they do in front of him, that person would be paste.

With that in mind, cool design. The water hand is always cool, and I like the armour on his right arm. His face also captures the 'no a youth but only just king' idea you're going for.
SplendorEnt Jul 24, 2013  Student General Artist
(updated description)

Yeah, he owns the largest empire the on the planet (or in it).

Thanks, glad you like it!
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